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Welcome to Desert Homestead

Nowhere in Namibia does the landscape contrast as spectacularly as it does here…the rugged Nubib, Tsaris and Naukluft Mountains, the imposing dunes of the Namib, sweeping grassy plains, dry riverbeds punctuated with ancient camel thorn skeletons – all provide a stunning backdrop to your stay at Desert Homestead. The colour palette is a photographers dream…rich chocolate browns, ochre dunes, platinum blonde grass, bright tourmaline skies and of course, the early morning and late afternoon pastel hues.

Being only thirty kilometers from Sessriem, the entrance to the world famous Namib Naukluft Park, means that the lodge is ideally situated for exploring the five million year old dunes, or hiking in the Namib Naukluft Mountains, or the surreal experience of sipping a delicious Pinotage forged in this unforgiving landscape.

The warm hospitality that the name Desert Homestead is synonymous with, will ensure you a welcome respite from the desert extremes. Relax and unwind on the verandah, soak up the spectacular vistas and savour our home-grown farm cuisine, before moving on to explore further afield.